Charged With Delivery/Possession With Intent?

Being charged with a crime is confusing. Legal technicalities will affect what kind of charge you actually face. For example, in Texas, while the technical charge is delivery of a controlled substance, many do not realize that this includes possession with intent to deliver.

The question arises, what about the circumstances of your case that led to an intent to deliver/delivery charge? Are assumptions being made about the amount of drugs found in your possession? Do the facts reflect the consequences you face? Not necessarily. This is why you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to stand up for your side.

Finding The Truth Behind Your Charges

At the Law Office of Michael Benton, I have seen ways law enforcement and prosecutors try to pin drug charges on my clients that do not match the facts of the case. My investigative skills help uncover the reality behind the charges, and often lead to reduced charges, dismissed charges and other favorable rulings.

Criminal defense is my passion, and I'm good at it. You deserve a strong defense. I will make sure your story is heard; please call 956-887-1611 for a free initial consultation.

Even if you were caught "red-handed" so to speak, there are ways to fight the charges. For example, officers must follow strict protocol when investigating and arresting individuals for drug crimes. They cannot induce you to commit a crime (entrapment), they cannot search your property without a warrant or probable cause (illegal search and seizure), and they must clearly outline your rights when under arrest for something like cocaine charges.

Help When You Need It

Do not say anything to police or border officials before speaking with an attorney.

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