How Much? Was A Search Valid?

Drug crimes continue to be a focus of prosecutors across the Rio Grande Valley. In these cases, the amount allegedly in your possession will make a difference in the charges. Reviewing the facts of how and why a search was conducted in the first place may also affect your defense.

Across our country many people are locked up for nonviolent crimes that often reflect personal substance abuse and economic hardships, rather than criminal intent. At the Law Office of Michael Benton, I recognize the importance of second chances, and it is a driving force of my southern Texas criminal law practice.

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I offer decades of experience defending people facing similar decisions. My time is not divided between other areas of law like many general practice attorneys. I am a solo practitioner and solely focus on criminal matters, including possession and distribution of controlled substances.

What Counts As Possession?

Marijuana, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy are what most people think of when they think of illegal drugs. Criminal charges can arise, however, from other substances as well. For example, an individual could be charged with possession if he or she has an unusual amount of prescription medication without a valid prescription. The same is true for ingredients that can be used to manufacture drugs, like ingredients for methamphetamine.

Possession itself can also mean different things:

  • Physical possession: Drugs are found on your person or otherwise in your direct physical control.
  • Constructive possession: Drugs are found in a place that is exclusively or primarily controlled by you, like a lockbox, your car, a locker, etc.

The lines can quickly be blurred as well when the amount of drugs found in your possession goes beyond what law enforcement considers for personal use. Even if you have no intent to sell or deliver drugs, you may still end up facing that kind of distribution charge.

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