DWIs And Drunk Driving Defense

One night of fun can quickly turn into a life-changing evening when a DWI charge enters the equation. These are serious offenses that Texas law enforcement and prosecutors treat seriously.

Were you pulled over — asked to take a Breathalyzer test, field sobriety test or chemical test — and subsequently arrested for a DWI/DUI? Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

My firm, the Law Office of Michael Benton, is devoted to helping individuals who are charged with crimes in Brownsville, Cameron County and surrounding areas of Texas. As a DWI defense attorney, I offer years of experience protecting the individual rights of those accused of crimes.

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Charged While Visiting South Padre Island Or Another Tourist Attraction?

Many people visit the southern most parts of Texas for spring break and vacationing. When they get here, they easily end up in trouble when out having a good time. In these cases, one of the most challenging parts of drunk driving defense is distance. The accused go home and have to travel back to Cameron County or surrounding areas to resolve their legal matters.

When you work with my office, I can effectively represent you through long-distance correspondence. I know how to structure defense proceedings to limit the need for my client's immediate presence in court. You can go home and trust I can handle the bulk of your criminal proceedings for you. You'll only have to be here once or twice.

Do Not Let One Night Change Your Life

I know that mistakes happen, and I believe my clients should not face a suspended license, revoked license or lifetime of criminal consequences for one night of misjudgment. I will work with you personally to investigate the facts of your case, explore opportunities for reduced/dropped charges and help you get any long-term help you need to avoid this issue in the future.

Reach my office online or call 956-887-1611 to schedule a free initial consultation. I am here to help.