Why I Became A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Attorney Michael BentonI grew up immersed in the legal world. Many of my family members are attorneys, and their experience shaped my appreciation for our legal system.

While I respect the legal system's structure, I have also had a front row seat to its many biases. These jeopardize people's rights every day, and it is my goal to make sure they are protected.

Defense When The Cards Seem Stacked Against You

My firm, the Law Office of Michael Benton, is focused on providing strong defense for people who face serious consequences in the criminal justice system. From my office in Brownsville, I help clients throughout Cameron County and the Rio Grande Valley.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a free initial consultation. I can help you get the defense you need against drug crime accusations, DWIs and more.

I am licensed in Missouri, Illinois and Texas. Learn more about my career experience by following the link below.

My career began in a large St. Louis law firm, but I believe I was an attorney long before that. Even before I became a law student, I knew I wanted to be a criminal defense lawyer. I was well-versed in individual rights and how those rights are often violated in drug possession cases, drunk driving cases, violent crime cases and more. I became the person others turned to for advice on their legal matters.

This personal care and attention continues today at my law office. I am a solo practitioner with years of experience in a wide range of criminal defense cases. I offer every client:

  • A realistic and honest perspective on what can be done to help them. You don't need a "yes man" to tell you what you want to hear. Your case will pose some challenges. I will clearly outline the opportunities and obstacles ahead so we can weigh the pros and cons of each defense option together.
  • Creative and strategic solutions built on individual service. Many large law firms push clients in one door and out the other, without a detailed look at where an investigation may have gone wrong or how unique criminal mechanisms may help their clients. I make sure no opportunity is overlooked to give my clients a favorable outcome.
  • A passionate and motivated approach backed by the skill to take on tough opponents. I like what I do because I get to help people every day. I am willing and able to stand up to those who are not offering a fair deal or are outright robbing my clients of the second chances they deserve.

Please schedule a consultation where you can discuss your case and concerns with me, personally. I can be reached online or by telephone at 956-887-1611 to arrange a meeting.